15 Nov

A promising new strategy for media dark areas.

In the implementation of the Usichukulie Poa, Nyumba ni Choo campaign, the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children is using several media channels to ensure that communities are reached by the campaign messages. The channels that were mainly used included radio, television, social media, print media and display media. It was observed as the campaign was ongoing that there are some of these areas are not reached by the media channel options mentioned above and hence the campaign started conducting Direct Consumer Contact (DCC) events that were characterized by roadshows and community meetings held at ward/ village level.

The DCC events were useful in engaging communities, particularly in rural areas. However, with the DCC events, that were held at ward level, there were still some areas that were not reached by the campaign messages and thus a media dark strategy was developed.

The strategy involved the use of motorcyclists (boda-bodas) to deliver campaign messages in areas not reached by any form of the media channel.

The boda-bodas were recruited during the DCC events, particularly those coming the furthest from the village hosting the events. They were provided with branded reflector vests and USB flush with entertaining music and campaign messages. In their daily transportation activities, bodabodas continued to deliver campaign messages on their reflector vests but also playing campaign materials in the USB flush provided to them.

Evaluation on their efficiency is yet to be done but testimonials from health personnel are the respective areas indicates a positive sign as the messages continue to live even after the DCC events.