15 Nov

The story of the Usichukulie Poa Campaign in Morogoro.

Tanzania like many developing countries faces a challenge of ensuring all households in the country have access to safe sanitation facilities in both urban and rural areas. It is estimated that less than 60 per cent of
the population have access to improved toilets with some areas still practising open defecation.

In response to the sanitation challenges, the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children in collaboration with stakeholders in implementing the National Sanitation Campaign (NSC).

The campaign initiates behavioural change by associating having and using improved toilets with desirable modern lifestyles ± an insight famously encapsulated in the slogan USICHUKULIE POA, NYUMBA NI CHOO. The behavioural change campaign was in operation in Morogoro from May until July 2018 with the
aim of transforming households to construct improved toilets. The campaign was driven by the insight that communities are not modern unless they use improved toilets. TMIf you have a good house, good car, good mobile phone, you still are not modern∫, said the Morogoro Regional Administrative Secretary in his remarks when launching the campaign in the Region.

The Usichukulie Poa, Nyumba ni Choo Campaign was operationalized in 8 Councils of the Morogoro Region, addressing heads of households, the private sector, political leaders, government officials, influential people and development partners. Testimonials on TMchoo bora∫ were collected from different groups and aired across different media channels to influence behaviour change. Commitments towards ending open defecation were made by members of all 8 councils.

On-ground activities to trigger behavioural change included roadshows and toilet makeovers. Over nine toilet makeovers were achieved, at least one in each council. Roadshows were characterized by dramas, modernity debates and theme song. competitions covering 113 villages via Direct

Consumer Contact events. As a consequence, 35,264 people committed to live modern lifestyles by constructing improved toilets. In every LGA, commitments were also signed by either the District Commissioner or District Executive Director to ensure heads of households in the LGA become modern.