DCC Activations


These are on-ground activations which involve direct contact with the target audience with the use of the mobile theatre. Target audience per roadshow is at least 500 people. Activation aims to achieve widespread distribution, move excess stock forward, increase display levels and increase stock holding in a trade vs company warehouse.

Heads of households’ desire modernity (the struggle is real), but they are not totally convinced that sanitation and handwashis the way to become modern.

Roadshows for Households.

Through roadshow, we engage through interpersonal communication with the target audience to bring to life our campaign message. Roadshow will also be used to generate content for the media. E.g. social media, radio and TV.

Market Support.

Trade promotions: Here we are looking at investors. We are targeting sanitation investors who are in the regions. We persuade them by recognizing the best seller of the month. Trade promotions refer to marketing activities that are executed in the trade between campaign and sanitation traders.