10 Jul

On 7th July 2019, the Nyumba Ni Choo campaign was launched in Mwanza, a port city on the shore of Lake Victoria, in northern Tanzania. The launch was officiated by Hon. John Mongella, the Regional Commissioner of the Mwanza Region and witnessed by regional and districts leadership. Nyumba ni Choo is a National Sanitation Campaign implemented by the Tanzanian Government through the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC).

To show his utmost commitment on the campaign, its methodologies and objectives, the hon regional commissioner spoke to press the next day after launch where he instructed that up to 1st November, 21019 each household in Mwanza Province must have a modern toilet and instructed the regional and districts leaders to oversee the implementation strategy.

Being one of the biggest and populist regions in the country, Mwanza is a strategic region for the campaign’s achievement. Recent data on toilet facilities, toilets and handwashing in Mwanza Region shows that 97.61 per cent of households have latrines, 61.05 households of households with better sanitation and 25.38 per cent of households with hand washing facilities and soap in the Region (up to March 2019, most recent data).

The campaign is ongoing covering all eight districts in Mwanza region. The districts are MwanzaCC, Magu DC, Ukerewe DC, Misungwi DC, Kwimba DC, Sengerema DC, Buchosa and Ilemela as shown on the timetable below.

MwanzaCC Sunday 07.07.19 Morning
Nyamagana Afternoon
Buhongwa Monday 08.07.19 Morning
Igoma Afternoon
Magu DC



Bujora Tuesday 09.07.19


Nyanguge Afternoon
Kabila Wednesday 10.07.19


Shishani Afternoon
Magu Mjini Thursday 11.07.19 Morning
Travel to Ukerewe Afternoon
Ukerewe DC Travel to Ukara Friday 12.07.19 Morning
Ukara Afternoon
Ngoma Saturday 13.07.19


Nkiliza Afternoon
Misungwi DC Misasi Monday 15.07.19 Morning
Mabuki Afternoon
Mbarika Tuesday 16.07.19 Afternoon
Usagara Morning
Misungwi Wednesday 17.07.19 Afternoon
Travel to Kwimba Morning
Kwimba DC Nyambiti Friday 19.07.19 Morning
Malya Afternoon
Hungumalwa Saturday 20.07.19 Morning
Sumve Afternoon
Ngudu Sunday 21.07.19 Morning
Travel to Sengerema Afternoon
Sengerema DC Nyampande Monday 22.07.19 Afternoon
Igalula Morning
Katunguru Tuesday 23.07.19 Afternoon
Ibisabageni Morning
Buchosa Bulyaheke Wednesday 24.07.19 Afternoon
Nyakalilo Morning
Kalibezo Thursday 25.07.19 Afternoon
Nyehunge Morning
Ilemela Kayenze Friday 26.07.19 Afternoon
Buswelu Morning
Uwanja wa Furahisha Saturday 27.07.19

While in Mwanza, Nyumba ni Choo team met with country’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro and exchanged pleasantries including a Nyumba Ni choo Branded Tshirt.